The Revelation Unveiled package deal, includes the book with a free special three page prophetic time line chart that visually brings to life the prophetic timeline for the events we will see transpire, "The Death of Atheism" free (a collection of powerful scientific and historical evidences for recent, divine creation) and a free in depth "Understanding Salvation" study.

 The Revelation Unveiled!

Getting Prophecy Right
And Making Sense Of It All

    Over 300 Pages packed full of in depth information!


"...Captures the narrative and drama of the Holy Book...compelling and lively...clear and incisive"

 - (The late) Dr. Gleason L. Archer - Former Professor Emeritus of Old Testament and Semitic Studies Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

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This book is seeks to help the student of Bible prophecy properly understand how the word of God fully defines the day of the Lord and show when the Bible says its time must begin by, so that believers will not be overtaken by it (1 Thessalonians 5:1-6).  The book explains what the ancient prophets told us about our modern time.  It shows us there clear signs that can be determined to give us a time frame or reference point.  Did you know it is forbidden to give a private interpretation of the ancient biblical prophecies, and thus biblical prophetic interpretation is determined by the words of the prophets themselves, and not from the latest modern prophecy "expert", PhD. or theologian?  How things will come to pass and what it will mean to you personallyAre there dangerous and perilous events just around the corner?  If so, will you be prepared to protect yourself and your family Will there be a literal Mark of the BeastWould you know how to identify the Antichrist, the Great Harlot and the False Prophet that are predicted to arise on the world scene?  What will happen to the Church?  Do you know how to discern the beginning of the seven-year Tribulation (the 70th week of Daniel)?   Who are the 144,000?  Will Jesus Christ return to the earth physically?  If so, when might Jesus Christ return?  All this and much, much more is examined according to the context of the ancient biblical scriptures.  Additionally, this book examines eight conflicting views on the Rapture (and only one could possibly be right).  


The Revelation Unveiled! is a must read for any serious student of biblical prophecy - get your copy today

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BEST VALUE!! "The Revelation Unveiled" package deal. BEST VALUE!

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